Tips For Your Next Hackathon

Tips For Your Next Hackathon

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9 Tips For Your Next Hackathon — uOttaHack edition! ✌️

Created: 02/05/2019

uOttaHack’s second hackathon is right around the corner and just 4 DAYS AWAY! We’re so excited to meet all our hackers and see what amazing things they’ll get to create! 💻 🚀 💪

Our team decided to put together a few tips to help make sure you make the most out of this weekend filled with coding, workshops and fun events (oh, and did we mention awesome food?). 😜

1. Don’t just build apps. Build friendships too. 🚀

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Yes, hackathons are already pretty cool, full of swag and endless learning, but there’s a lot more to them than technical knowledge and free stuff (although we’re not complaining, we love free stuff!). But, hackathons are a lot more social than you think, especially when we’ve got events like Canal Skating, Pet Therapy and a Midnight House Party! It’s not everyday you get to be surrounded by a crowd of people who share a common passion with you, so why not use this opportunity to meet someonelearn something new from them, and maybe even teach them something new too!
— Melody, Community Evangelist @ uOttaHack

2. Attend workshops — they exist for a reason!

Attend workshops! Most of the time they’re actually really cool and you’ll get to learn stuff that are probably not taught in courses at school! In fact, you might also learn a bit about how companies and sponsors use different technologies, and often they might even give you a tutorial about how to use their API. You will also get the chance to take a break from coding with even more coding 😉
— Ellen, Logistics Coordinator @ uOttaHack

3. Don’t let the impostor syndrome get to you. 💪

When you’re hacking for 24 or 36 straight hours, it can be easy to feel discouraged. Just remember that everyone here had to start somewhere; even the most experienced and confident-looking hackers have felt overwhelmed and confused at some point. Keep at it, and don’t forget that your team is there to support you. You’ll get the hang of it in no time! 😸
— Ivor, Marketing Coordinator @ uOttaHack

4. Employers and sponsors are your bestfriend! 💯

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Talk to employers! This is your chance to show what you got and impress big companies at the career fair. This not only improves your networking skills but also interviewing skills. While you’re talking to the employer, bring up something cool or talk about the tech news. These couple minutes are your time to shine. In fact, if the conversation goes really well, the sponsor may even offer you a job! 😮 🎓 😉
— Maulik, Community Evangelist @ uOttaHack

5. Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone 💻

Hackathons are all about trying new things! Don’t be worried if you’re coming alone and need to find a team, go make some friends and work on a sick idea! Go get down and dirty with a new framework! This is the one time where there’s no pressure on you to produce results, but you have 400 other people who all want to help you learn and come out with something great! 🚀
— Paul, Co-chair @ uOttaHack

6. Don’t miss the cute doggos! 🐶

There will be some cute doggos and puppers there to see you! (Well, unless you’re allergic to dogs 😞). Not every hackathon gets the chance to get some cute puppies visiting around during Pet Therapy, but uOttaHack does! So take a break on Sunday and go pet some doggos! 😌
— Sherry, Director of Finance @ uOttaHack

7. Try to make something you don’t think you can 👊

If you see something that you use and you’re curious how it works, try to research how it was made. Hacks don’t always have to be something new and if you try to make something you didn’t think you could it’s a great way to learn. You should also try to use a language or a framework you’ve never used before. This is a great time to learn in a really raw and forgiving environment where a mistake isn’t going to cost you anything at all!
— Brennan, Community Evangelist @ uOttaHack

8. “Sleep is for the weak” — NO. It’s for the smart! 😂

We all know how crucial sleep is for our creativity and productivity.😪 Don’t understimate how much sleep can affect your overall wellbeing, especially during a solid two days and lot’s of coffee. Get some sleep, take turns with your teammates, bring your sleeping bag, whatever you can do to make sure you get a few solid hours of sleep! You know your body, make sure to catch enough zzZz’s! 💤 😴
— Robert, Logistics Coordinator @ uOttaHack

9. Most of all, just have fun honestly!

It’s not every weekend you get to spend 24 hours surrounded by likeminded people who love to hack, and also get the chance to meet awesome new people!! Enjoy the awesome local Ottawa food, go skating on the Canal with your friends ❄️(ya, you heard that right!)and even get some awesome swag to bring back with you! Honestly, we hope you’re as excited as we are! ❤️
 the uOttaHack team

We’re so excited to meet you all and have a blast this weekend! See you Saturday! If you have questions in the meantime, feel free to message us on our FB page or email us at [email protected]!

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